Spinks Security is a full member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). We are also registered as a Cabling Service Provider under the Australian Communications Authority Cabling Provider Rules 2000.

The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) is the peak national body for the Australian Security Industry. Since its establishment in 1969, ASIAL has grown from a small network of security companies to one that today represents approximately 85% of the security industry in Australia.

Each State and Territory has its own licensing requirements. Most States and Territories require that both businesses and individuals be licensed. In Victoria, security firms and businesses, and employees of security firms and businesses, must be either licensed or registered. Spinks Security holds a Private Security Business Licence certifying that, pursuant to the Private Security Act 2004, we have the authority to provide the services of Security Adviser and Security Equipment Installer.

ASIAL is dedicated to supporting its members, promoting standards and safeguarding public interests.

ASIAL Code of Professional Conduct

ASIAL promotes and fosters the highest standards of efficiency, service, equipment and ethical behaviour amongst persons, firms and corporations engaged in the Australian Security Industry.
To become a member, a security company, whether large or small, has to meet the highest standards of quality and service.

  • Members shall conduct their professional activities with respect for the public interest.
  • Members shall at all times act with integrity in dealing with clients or employees, past and present, with their fellow members and with the general public.
  • Members shall not intentionally disseminate false or misleading information, whether written, spoken or implied, nor conceal any relevant fact. They have a duty to maintain truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising and sales promotion.
  • Members shall not represent conflicting or competing interests except with the express consent of those concerned given only after full disclosure of the facts to all interested parties.
  • Members shall refrain from knowingly associating with any enterprise, which uses improper or illegal methods for obtaining business.
  • Members shall not intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of another member.
  • If a member has evidence that another member has been guilty of unethical practices, it shall be their duty to inform the Association.
  • Members shall help to improve the body of knowledge of the profession by exchanging information and experience with fellow members and by applying their special skill and training for the benefit of others.
  • Members shall refrain from using their relationship with the Association in such a manner as to state or imply an official accreditation or approval beyond the scope of membership of the Association and its aims, rules and policies.
  • Members shall cooperate with fellow members in upholding and enforcing the code.


Spinks Security is a full member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia.

The Locksmiths Guild of Australia is a trade association providing support and backup to its members. It aims to:

  • Promote and develop the craft of locksmithing through education of its members.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas between members.
  • Establish the highest ethical standards amongst those providing locksmithing services.
  • Represent the interests of all locksmiths in dealing with supply companies.
  • Keep members up to date on changes in relevant legislation.
  • Promote practical assistance amongst its members.

The Guild is open to all men and women who qualify as a locksmith. In addition they must also meet the Guild’s very strict criteria before being accepted as an “Individual Member”. Only individuals can be registered as members. All of the Locksmiths Guild members are highly trained and qualified tradespeople, who are dedicated to providing professional services to their customers.


A Guild member must have a minimum of 3 years experience as a qualified locksmith before being accepted for membership of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. All Guild members must be up to date with the latest locksmithing techniques, and attend additional training courses supplied and run by the Guild.

Services offered by Guild members:

  • Supply and install a wide range of deadlock, patio bolt and window locks for your protection, safety and insurance requirements.
  • Advise you on the latest techniques to secure your home or business.
  • Cut keys to locks if the original keys are stolen or lost.
  • Duplicate most types of keys.
  • Repair broken or faulty locks.
  • Maintain, service and repair all types of safes.
  • Make all of your locks work on one key, where possible.
  • Let you in your house, car, safe or business when you are locked out.

Victoria Police

Our Private Security Business Registration number is 724-231-70S. This Registration issued by Victoria Police, pursuant to the Private Security Act 2004, is required by any person who installs security equipment or provides advice regarding security equipment.

Spinks Security holds Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20M.