Security Cameras

The use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an effective way to provide surveillance to your home or business, including industrial, commercial, retail or educational premises.We stock a full range of digital video recorders, cameras, monitors and accessories to suit various purposes. Digital Video Recorder - Security Camera
Digital Video RecordersA Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is used to store video footage on hard disc drives instead of on video tapes.  Various sizes and types of DVRs and hard disc drives are available, depending on the number of cameras required and the number of hours to be recorded.  See for further information on the various products available.There are many advantages to using a DVR, including:

Mass Storage – depending on the system configuration, a DVR has the ability to store many weeks of surveillance footage.

Instant Playback – a DVR does not use video tape, therefore you can go straight to a selected recording instantly.

Reliability – by their very nature, video tape recorders will wear out.  Video tapes are in constant use, tape oxides clog the heads or heads wear out.  By contrast, a DVR’s only moving parts are inside the hard discs, which currently have a long service life.

Video Integrity – Ness DVRs store video footage encrypted and watermarked which cannot be tampered with or disputed as evidence.

Cameras & Accessories -Spinks Security supply a full range of cameras to suit the purpose of your CCTV system, including external pan and tilt cameras with weatherproof housings suitable for outdoors and discreet cameras suitable for indoors.  Dome Camera - Security Camera
Cameras are available in colour or black and white, and can be suitable for both day and night use.  These, in conjunction with suitable outdoor lighting, can provide excellent surveillance for your property.
Monitors -CRT monitors are available in colour and black and white, and in tube sizes from 9” to 21” to suit all applications and budgets.For the ultimate surveillance monitors, LCD monitors provide a superior high contrast LCD with high viewing angle suitable for desktop use.  Both the LCD and VGA monitors are available in 17” and 19” screens.  Monitor for Security Camera Systems
Also available is the ultimate portable or “executive” monitor with a very high contrast active matrix LCD display and audio input.  The screen is the latest generation high contrast, high luminosity active matrix LCD with a very wide viewing angle.  Stereo audio inputs are provided, as well as a stereo earphone output and onboard speaker.To find out more about CCTV, Security Cameras, Digital Video Recording, or to organise a no-obligation security assessment, please call Spinks Security for further information.